Getting into the WHY of digital badges in your organisation

Five Step Roll-out Plan

We created a self-assessment questionnaire with two goals: To personalise recommendations based on your current situation and goals; and to make you aware of important dimensions and topics to consider before or while to roll-out your digital credentialing project and build a long-term strategy.

Self Assessment

Part 1: Goals, resources, experience

The short first questionnaire aims at collecting core information about your badging project to direct you to materials that fit your stage. It covers topics about what you try to achieve, what you already know or have reached, and what resources are available. This impacts potential scenarios that make sense for you, and may help making the right choices for your next steps. Further, these information can help you filling out the Badge Canvas.

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Part 2: Establishing long-term success in your badging project

The second questionnaire bases on the ICoBC Certification Framework, and helps you understanding the different dimensions that need to be considered and mastered if you want to grow and scale your project in a successful way. While they may feel challenging or even unclear at the beginning of a project, they can help you developing a long-term strategy, and plan your steps and tactics towards the bigger goals.

The five dimensions are:

  • Value: How you create a new digital currency through Badges and Credentials that are available and in demand.
  • Rigor: How serious your organisaton takes Badges and Credentials
  • Impact: How Badges and Credentials influence your organisation's goals and performance.
  • Trust & Verification: How you ensure quality and transparency
  • User Experience: How you create value, usability and accessibility for the stakeholders involved.
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Check your stakeholders' needs are in alignment with your badging plan!

Deciding what to badge

Badges can be issued for a seemingly endless array of accomplishments, from the completion of a formal course of study, to participation in a workshop, to reaching a sales target. They may be issued to recognise good attendance, to document a skill that has been demonstrated, or to reward effort. As a potential badge issuer, you need to find out why your organisation wants to use digital credentials and what kind of digital badges will provide the most value for your users and stakeholders.

Checklist for Step 1

Complete the Self-Assessment Part 1 to map your current situation - Goals, resources, experience
Complete the Self-Assessment Part 2 to give direction to you badging project
Make a decision about what kinds of badges you will issue - see the link in the section above
Gain an understanding of how to create a robust credentialing framework
Move to Step 2: