Badge Canvas

The BadgeCanvas is a tool that can help you and your team to formulate and agree on important dimensions to consider in a Digital Credential roll-out. This is how you use it:

  • The BadgeCanvas can be used as a kickoff for your digital credentialling project, or after you started it. Use it on a Miro-Board etc., or draw it on a white board.
  • Go through each field from left to right, top to down, as a team or for yourself, and use sticky-notes to write down the key statements.
  • Once completed, go through it again and make sure that it represents your current understanding and vision.
  • Protect it against changes, e.g. by copying it as an image into a presentation slide. Make it available to all team members and even stakeholders.
  • In the course of the roll-out project, come back to that canvas and compare your initial statements against the current situation. If you realise a change, update a copy of the canvas and communicate it anew.

Download this canvas as: