Toolkit – work in progress

As the final step of our project and the actual deliverable, we are currently developping a toolkit that allows organisations to evaluate their validation practices and to help them through the process of introducing a digital badging system to their operations.  The toolkit will comprise the following components:

Online Self-assessment survey

where organisations can enter their current badging situation and/or their desired badging practices to get semi-automated recommendations on how a digital badge system could be tailored to suit their organisational needs.

The self-assessment tool will be developed in a qualitative iterative process wherein BadgEurope works through the self-assessment with a number of organisations interested in digital badges, identifying their needs and possible solutions for the company.

Badge Project Rollout Canvas

Aproject canvas adapted specifically for implementing digital badges in an organisation.  The canvas is a tool to be used internally in organisations and covers the main considerations when establishing a badge system,  including core resources, risk analysis and a process diagram.

BadgEurope has adapted the project canvas to ensure that organisations are considering and discussing the right things before implementing a digital badging system.  From our own experience, the introduction of badges for validation of skills is a process which must be thought through and planned carefully. The canvas serves as a tool for the planning process.

For issuers (NGOs, educators, …)

For all organisations that qualify or recognise earners and learners distant to the labour market, we build a toolkit that can help you planning, rolling-out and using Digital Credentials.

For seekers (hiring organisations)

If you are looking for easy-to-use instructions on how to make Digital Credentials and skill-based hiring solving your workforce needs, this is your path.